Service Packages


As a measure with all of our packages, we happily provide suggestions on increasing static defenses of property (ie. increasing fencing or lighting, etc.).

Discretion and non-disclosures included.

Tier 1

Accountability of personnel and contractors, including but not limited to authorized personnel, guests, and day workers who are allowed access to site. Observation and reporting on entire premises, with roving and stationary sentries at designated areas of high traffic or importance. All personnel fully licensed and insured.

Tier 2

Further preventative measures from Tier 1, with the addition of deterrent devices such as cameras, automated gate surveillance and monitored points of in-and-out traffic (whether vehicle or foot). Personnel equipped with additional tools, as well as preventative and self-defense measures. The previous tier’s standard operating procedures will also be married into this package.

Tier 3

A fully monitored and accounted for site, event or even person. All security specialists will be armed, fully licensed and insured as well as having gone through additional in-house training provided by Montgomery Security Group. A VIP vehicle will also be available on request to shuttle valued guests with an escort as needed. All previously mentioned tiers of security are also implemented.


Executive protection, including on-body accountability and protection as well as oversight of the happenings by a number of unmarked security specialists. Montgomery Security has provided protection to some of the most esteemed members of the maritime and entertainment industry, including A-list celebrities and international music personalities. With an executive protection package, you get all stated security measures and much more, including logistics of the job or event, mapping of all routes, and contingencies in case of an emergency event.